Leaked: Google Glasses, Your Next Mobile Accessory

Google gadgetry to break out with cyborg-style eye glasses with Internet access and a video camera

Only up until now, has Google’s secret project to share Google Glasses with the masses has surfaced publicly.

Its code name? “Project X,” and is on pace to manifest a futuristic concept once only articulated in fictional fantasy novels and cartoons: Google Glasses — the next step to merging humanity with technology.

Indeed, this is more than just a “rumour.”

Google employees have confirmed Google Goggles will run on Android; providing users with a search results screen in one of the two lenses; with the function to relay information from a mobile phone.

Calls can be made and users can download applications to improve usage.

Its silhouette will capture the blueprint the likes of a rugged-styled Oakley Thump.

Yes, its functionality offers more than style and show; Google goggles’ built-in small screen will most definitely not interfere with user vision.

Its low-resolution camera will have a built-in flash, making it easy for users to snap photos as well as retrieve information from surrounding buildings and scenery.

Sources have also stated that a simple tilt of the head can give the user the power to scroll up and down screen.

The price? Between $250 – $600 USD with an official release date later this year.

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Unveiling the HTC One S

Confirmed: The HTC One S Packs One Hell of A Punch

The HTC One S comes out with a bang and leads the new flagship line from HTC. This rocket powered smartphone could leave many hardcore iPhoners awestruck with jealousy. Out-of-the-box and slim, the HTC One S measures a 7.95mm (.31 inches) thick, operating at blazing HSPA+ 42 data speeds.

And to add to the mix, you have a visually stunning a 4.3 inch qHD (960-by-540-pixel) Super AMOLED display; making video chatting and web browsing easier on the eyes.

Based on Cellular Firm sources, the phone will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which is huge and could serve as the deal breaker for today’s already high-paced market.

It will also feature HTC Sense 4.0, a custom user interface overlay and sync service, specifically designed for integration with the equipped security service of ICS. It will also vastly improve on Android’s Microsoft Exchange integration; adding a new task sync feature for smoother operation.

For those multi-media heads and avid photographers, one of the best features of the HTC One S is the built-in high flying camera. Unheard of on a smartphone, the 8-megapixel sensor introduces a whole lot of f-stop, opening up at f 2.0 for increased low light image quality. Add an image processing chip to boot, dedicated to image stabilization (IS) and you got yourself one serious contender. Plenty to keep any smartphone photographer giddy for the next click.

The camera also delivers a 1080p high-definition video capability at a blazing 60 frames per second giving you the freedom of slow-motion playback crucial for those memorable moments with friends and family.

If you’re a music fanatic, the HTC One S comes loaded with Google Music along with latest version of Beats Audio; integrating sound seamlessly while gaming or watching movies.

The specs list remains hush-hush, but Cellular Firm confirms a speedy 1.5GHz, and dual-core Qualcomm Snapdrago S4 processor.

Release date set for as early as Spring, heads up Apple, this one’s a douzy.

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Cell Phone Accessory of the Day: SwitchEasy Eclipse for iPhone 4/4S

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about that time for Cell Phone Accessory Friday!

Today, our gaze moves to the SwitchEasy Eclipse one of the top smartphone protectors for its affordability. Essential for the low-maintenance user, it’s reliability trumps all competitors. The iPhone 4/4s cover is a $20 accessory made out of a copulation between hard and soft plastic.

Along with the Eclipse, the box includes:

-2 anti-static screen guards
-1 microfiber wipe
-1 squeegee screen guard applicator
-2 power jack connector protectors
-1 video dock stand

image originally used by Noble Press

The Eclipse’s scratch resistant hard plastic cover allows you to effortlessly slide your mobile in and out of pockets. While the soft plastic on the left side panel gives you a nice rubber grip, you’ll have zero problems worrying about clumsy fumbles.

But it gets better. The improved textured button knobs make it easy to help you distinguish which to buttons to press, and its overall silhouette is far from bulky: the epitome of sleekness. Its casing also allows you to utilize all of your camera, microphone, speaker, ringer switch, and home and sleep/wake button features.

However it isn’t as perfect as one may believe. It lacks of rubber lining within the hard plastic shell. Without a lining, dropping your iPhone is more dangerous than it should be.

Despite the limitations, this is a good buy. If you want a sleek cover at a good price, get the SwitchEasy Eclipse!

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Q4 results: Nokia is the World’s Biggest Windows Phone Vendor

image originally used by Strategy Analytics

Break out the champagne!

Nokia releases amazing Q4-results, winning the bragging rights as the world’s biggest window phone vendor. Of course, their partnership with Microsoft may be the sole reason the Finnish company has emerged as the world’s number one Windows Phone vendor in the world.

According to research firm, Strategy Analytics, Nokia has shipped 900, 000 Windows Phones, Nokia overtook HTC and others, gobbling up 33 percent of the market pie.

In comparison to iPhone with sales of 37-million in Q4, Windows numbers are smaller in scale but have risen at 2.7 million units, a 36 percent increase from Q3.

However, Nokia has only begun to focus of the US market, as initially, the European and Asian countries were targeted.

Strategy Analytics states that Nokia’s expansion of Windows 7 latest models like the Lumia 800 were the reason for the companies increased popularity.

Nokia is expected to launch at least one Windows Phone at the Mobile World Congress next week. As Nokia’s partnership has turned one, Nokia needs to raise the bar to be at the level competitor for the iPhone.

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The first-ever 3D editing smartphone: LG Optimus 3D Cube

On top of the 3 new L-series smartphones, LG introduces the world’s first smartphone with 3D editing capabilities: the Optimus 3D Cube, the descendant of the Optimus 3D.

Its design possesses a sleek silhouette, gaining bragging rights of being the thinnest and lightest of any 3D smartphone in the market.

The specs? It’s 9.6mm thin about 2mm thinner than its predecessor. It also holds more memory; doubling to 16GB with a built-in NFC for easy payments. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread dual-core processor upgraded to 1.2 GHz.

The 3D Cube’s two rear 5 megapixel cameras are used for the 3D feature while the front cam is for video calling.

It is speculated that LG will update to an Ice Cream Sandwich, but nothing has been confirmed.

Those who are lucky enough to be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week can see what the 3D Cube is all about.

Let us know what you think below or on our Facebook fan page.

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Droid RAZR Screenshots Leaked

Is this the new ICS on a RAZR? It sure looks like it according to a Droid RAZR post where leaked screenshots have surfaced.

The RAZR will have an Android 4.0.3 build with 6.7.407 software, making Motorola fans uber excited.

But when will Motorola unleash the RAZR?

Its release date is unknown; however, after seeing its new dialer, lock, and incoming call screen — Cellular Firm waits on pins and needles.

The home screen has the VZW bloatware and an updated app drawer with new options.

Rest assured, users have already created quite the buzz around the new Ice Cream Sandwich gallery editor and its folders.

Oh ya, plus its Blur camera app and settings menu!

The mix of both the ICS and Blur theme may worry some. But there is enough ICS inside to label this Droid RAZR a definite ICS build.

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LG Miracle Windows Phone [Video]

Introducing the The Miracle: the new cellphone on the block that’s affordable and easy to use.

For the first time on a Windows Phone, the Miracle will have a 4” NOVA display. A bright WVGA NOVA screen will be a standout feature.

The other specs are 14.4Mbps HSPA, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, 5MP camera, 1 GHz Scorpion processor, and NFC.

Windows phones are running the smartphone race with this LG Miracle.

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Foodspotting Application for Blackberry Revamped

Do you want to share your favourite dishes with your Twitter or Facebook friends?

If so, Foodspotting is a dream app come true. You can upload your pictures, and include a review with the restaurant and its location.

Blackberry has a revamped 1.1 version; updated and screen scrolling friendly. It flows better and has a universal look –  compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows phones.

Blackberry users who have the original version may have the App already showing up even though it is to debut next week.

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Belkin Grip Edge iPhone 4 Black Pearl Case Review

Hello everyone

Belkin is mostly known for all the different products it manufactures for Apple products including chargers, cables, network accessories and many more. But of recent, Belkin is manufacturing different types of iPhone 4 cases. The Grip Edge – Black Pearl is one of them. I recommend this case for iPhone 4 users who prefers both style and grip for their phone case. Because for the first time Belkin introduced both of these factors in one case and that is the Grip Edge series.

Belkin Grip Edge (F8Z639tt154) for iPhone 4 - Black Pearl

Belkin Grip Edge (F8Z639tt154) for iPhone 4 - Black Pearl

Product Description

The Grip Edge case by Belkin is made out of two different materials. The main protection layer is made of hard plastic with a smooth rubberized feel to it which protects your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches. And then there is the luxurious leather coating put at the back of the case for better grip and shock absorption. The leather coating also works as a cushion to protect your phone from bumps and scratches. Right now we are asking for only $29.99 for this beautiful mixture of luxury, style and grip for your new Apple iPhone 4 case.The case comes in original manufacturer box and comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, which means anything happens within the first year of usage after opening the box, the fixation is covered by the manufacturer.


  • Smooth edge easily slides into your pocket or purse.
  • Luxurious leather back
  • Grippable for quick access
  • Durable, scratch resistant and shock absorbent
  • Padded exterior protects from bumps and drops


  • Limited edition
  • Protective but no ultimate protection

Last words…

So after this discussion, I would rate this case a 4 out of 5 for its durability, shock absorbency, scratch resistance, style, looks, design and collection. Please leave your feedback on our posts and reviews and do leave your suggestions for what you want to know or see in our next blogs and we will try to post that in our upcoming editions. Thank you for following up with our site and reading our blogs. Please visit our store to buy this product.


Cellular Firm

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Griffin Explorer Super Duty iPhone 4 Case (GB02338/GB02341) Review

Happy Tuesday Everyone

How are you all doing? Well if you are in Ontario, probably the rain has made the day quite sleepy and lazy. Anyways, jokes apart, in today’s edition I would like to do a review on the Griffin Explorer Super-Duty iPhone 4 Case as requested by some of our well wishers. Griffin Technology has introduced the Explorer series after bringing the Survivor series in the market. Survivor series was the extreme duty case, which was loved by the users but they were hoping for something that would be a little less bulkier for their iPhone 4. And thankfully Griffin came up with the Explorer series cases for Apple iPhone 4.

Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case (GB02338) - Black

Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case (GB02338) - Black


The Explorer series are extended-duty cases which give enhanced structural protection without adding the military spec super protection that was in the Survivor series, which means less bulk to your iPhone 4. This case basically comes with a two layer protection. The first layer is made up of durable, flexible silicone jacket to protect your phone from scratches and shocks. And the second layer which is coated over the first is made up of shatter-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton for structural strength. That protects your phone from even fall from a higher distance and heavy bumps. Port plugs have rubber tuck ins to protect your dock connector, camera lens, audio jack and speaker openings from dust and dirt. So basically Explorer series case for iPhone 4 by Griffin Technology provides ultra protection to your iPhone 4 without bulking it up as much as the Survivor series cases. We currently have two different colors in stock: Pink and Black.

Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case (GB02338) - Black

Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case comes with Belt Clip


  • Case comes with two unique layers of protection.
  • Protects your iPhone 4 from bumps, scratches and shocks
  • Port plugs are tucked in to protect from dirt and dust.
  • Comes with a Belt clip


  • Even though not as much as Survivor cases, but yet adds up a lot of bulk to your phone
  • Limited variations
Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case (GB02341) - Pink

Back view of Griffin Explorer iPhone 4 Case - Pink

Bottom Line

There you go folks. That was the review for Griffin Technology’s Explorer Super-duty case with Belt clip and I would rate this case a 4 out 5 considering all the features and cons of the case. Let us know your feedback and comments about our blogs and reviews. Please visit our store for more information about all the varieties of product that we carry. Have a fantastic week everyone!


Cellular Firm

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