Go Rokbed v3 or Go Home: 20% discount to anyone who can guess each NHL team!


Ohhhh customizeable iPhone 4 cases, where have you been all my life?

To kick off our Rokbed v3 customizable case release, Cellular Firm is giving away an automatic 20 per cent discount promo!

How to win?

1) Guess each NHL team posted above correctly on our Facebook fan page
2) If you’re right, we’ll connect with each participant with the secret password

Until next time!

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Rokform Rockbed v3 iPhone Case Review

A hands-on review of the RokForm Rockbed v3 for iPhone

The delicacies of having an iPhone are abundant.  These sensitive smartphone devices are ruggedly sharp and potent with tech features unimaginable by our forefathers; but, most lack the daily grind protection of everyday use.  If your a busy-body on the go, moving from one place to another at unpredictable speeds, protecting your prized smartphone phone should be priority number one.

And hey, you can’t blame a guy for wanting to protect his favourite toys: it’s a dangerous world out there folks.

Here, we think we’ve found something special in the tough-sounding “iPhone case, the RokForm Rockbed.”  In thanks to exhaust manufacturer: Two Brothers Racing; operating under code-name Rokform; the new Rockbed v3 sets a new found standard in the industry of case accessories.  

With competition hot on their heels, RokForm has managed to develop several models characterized as having a durable build construction composed of polycaronate, aluminum, magnesium, and even 24-carat gold. Yes, this is made in good ol’ North America.

The specs?

The Rokbed v3 iPhone case sports a skeletal cage that slips over the iPhone 4/4s as two pieces snapping together. The cutout areas seen serve as an access point for all buttons whilst providing comfort with a secure grip.

RokForm gives you the option to order out of a whopping 13 colour selection; crossing from white to black and everything in between.

Coming along with the case is the Remote Mount System (RMS) that provides secure instant attachment to anything and placed literally anywhere. Ideally on the dash of your car, a table oriented surface, or even your motorcycle the options are endless.

The four pronged mount slips into the back of the case ever-so smoothly and securely locks with a nudge of a turn. It also has non-slip grip below the RMS mount that keeps your phone steady while resting on smooth surfaces.

But Cellular Firm doesn’t give it 100% praise.

The weak points of the Rokform Rokbed v3 is in its design. Users may find it allows dirt and grime to build up. Second it doesn’t provide any water proof protection at all, but I’m sure the keeners at Rokform a cell phone accessory genius in the works; perfecting the next model.

With that said the case is easy to remove, so regular de-griming is quite simple. Retailing at $39, a small price to pay for around the clock protection.

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