Bluetooth Headset Accessory of the Day: Jawbone Era Bluetooth

So, you’re probably wondering why Cellular Firm has highlighted Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset as today’s top cell phone accessory of the day.

But the answer is obvious.

Jawbone is the number one cell phone accessory brand name out there that produces bluetooth headsets approved by the military.

Even helicopter pilots and tank commanders use Jawbone to kill unwanted background noise.

Better yet, Jawbone auto-adjusts to your phone call volume and harmoniously considers your environment.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rock star, night club promoter, or freedom fighting rebel: you are guaranteed maximum background noise will fade; making it easier for the other end to hear you.

HD Quality

What in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks does this mean? HD quality?

Well, with Jawbone, you’ll get 10MM wide band speakers which enhances sound by 25 per cent.

I know.

It’s fit for the Android robot himself — whatever his name is..

Now, you can now listen to your favourite YouTube Videos, music, audio books, and phone calls with military approved sound — audio never sounded this clear.

Motion Genius

Huh? Ya, you can do that with a JawBone — this baby is the only bluetooth headset in the cell phone accessory market that activates by motion.

All you have to do is give a few “tap taps” or “shake shakes” and voila: activation.

But there’s more…like Jawbone’s wireless speakers, the Era Bluetooth headset works with MyTalk applications; giving you a product that gets better with age.

Wow wow wee-wah!


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