Samsung Galaxy Note Unleashes Battery Brutus, Who is he?

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Brutus

Hold that breath, inhale and exhale because this haunting individual has been known to prey on more than just the Samsung Galaxy Note users; meet Battery Brutus: the life draining nightmare who lurks on every street corner.

Holding grudges without shame, it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving birth to the next BlackBerry messiah himself, the next Apple genius, or the next Samsung innovator: no one is immune to the energy draining claws of Battery Brutus.

Watch the viral video below, and let us know what you do when you lose power on our Facebook fan page.

Until then…

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Cellular Firm Canada Tech Daily Deal: 15% Off All Speck Cases

Speck Cases

Guarantee your cell phone heavy-duty protection using today’s Toronto Tech Daily Deal: 15% Off any Speck item of your choice.

Renown for manufacturing high-end cell phone accessories, Speck has served cell phone users 10 years experience, protecting the world’s most prized mobile phones money can buy.

But it gets better…

Only here at Cellular Firm tech fans can find Speck Cases at 15% off with FREE shipping across North America.

Real brands. Real wins.

- #cellfirm

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Apple Accessories for Kids: Four Must-Have Apple Accessories for Kids

The statistics are mind boggling when you look at them.

According to C&R research, 22 percent of kids (ages 6-9) own a mobile phone; 60 percent of ‘tweens’ (ages 10-14) own a mobile phone; 84 percent of teens (ages 15-18) own a mobile phone.

Impressive isn’t it?

With the future’s teenage demographic projected to start their wireless plans sooner than yesteryears’ generation, Cellular Firm was inspired to create a posting series called: Wireless Accessories for Kids.

Thus featuring in episode one, Cellular Firm shines the spotlight on our kid’s Apple wireless accessory section.

Here we go!


Speck iGuy In Green Holding an iPad

The tablet industry is a dog-eat-dog world, with many iPad imitators out in the market, all produced to remain relevant next to Apple, we see the emergence of the tablet market.

But, tablets don’t come cheap.

Here, Cellular Firm accentuates a fetching iPad protective case for the kiddies. Warm and fun, Cellular Firm serves up the iGuy — perfect for the user who wants to stand out like a sore “neon green them,” so to speak.

Why you should buy it?

  • It’s made from non-toxic EVA foam; safe for kids.
  • Available free stand; watch movies and read books before bed.
  • Fits both iPad and iPad 2.

  • Paul Frank iPad Sleeve

    Paul Frank iPad Sleeve

    Here we have a 100% authentic Paul Frank iPad sleeve, essential for the outgoing child who loves to stand out; Paul Frank offers both protection and style.

    Why you should buy it?

  • Form-fitted and made from Neoprene making it highly effective during major weather lows and highs
  • Reinforced stitching, essential for providing the perfect hug around your iPad
  • Made out of heavy-duty moulded rubber with convenient zip pulls to open and close on any whim

  • Sports, Sports, Sports

    Winnipeg Jets iPad Sleeve

    Hey, Paul Frank isn’t everybody’s cup-o-tea.

    Cellular Firm bends from Paul Frank to sport techie; delivering the widely-popular iPad and iPad 2 sleeve from the NFL, NBA, and CFL. Instantly, those tykes will be able to protect their precious iPad screen, while supporting their favourite sports team.

    Why you should buy this?

  • Made from high-quality neoprene; essential for iPad protection
  • Sports fans who love to support their team while keeping their iPad or iPad 2 safe from harms way.

    iSuper Helicopter

    iSuper - Helicopter - Controlled by iPhone

    Last but not least, we have the iSuper – a cordless remote control helicopter that can be guided with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch – amazing.

    All with your wireless apple device, you’ll be able to cruise uncharted airspace; taking lunch breaks to new heights.

    Why you should buy this?

  • Compatible with iPhone 4S/4; iPhone 3G/3GS; iPad 2; iPad 1; iPod Touch 4th/3rd/2nd Gen
  • Allows you to record and playback functionality to let helicopter fly in a set patterns
  • Plays your favourite songs while you fly

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    Cellular Firm iPad 2 Giveaway!

    It’s true!

    Toronto’s own Cellular Firm, Canada’s number one source for cell phone and wireless accessories, is giving away a free iPad 2!

    How to win?

    It’s easy-peezy!

    All you have to do is “like” the photo above on our Facebook fan page here!

    The winner will be announced on the first day of Fall: September 22nd, 2012.

    Good luck!

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