Galaxy Note Claims its Ready to Take on the New iPad

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 VS The New iPad

With the much anticipated new iPad coming out this week, Samsung has cleverly placed itself along side the buzz; claiming to have an extra edge over the new iPad.

Out of the gates of the S-Pen powered Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes out thinner, slightly lighter, and possesses a 255 level pressure sensitivity screen. All that, plus the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously on the same screen, a feat unheard of in the tablet world.

The folks at Samsung actually think we’re better off waiting for the Galaxy Note 10.1 which is due to be released in the second quarter of this year. A bold statement by Samsung indeed.

What is the spec sheet breakdown?

Well for starters it has a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor, a 10.1-inch 1280×800 pixel TFT display, 1GB RAM and 16/32/64GB internal storage, and comes equipped with 3MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

Spec sheet wise it may not hold up entirely against the new iPad, but the added flexibility of Android may sway the in-between tablet shoppers, something Samsung is definitely hoping for.

What do you think, is it worth waiting for the Galaxy Note 10.1 when the new iPad is just around the corner?

Probably not with the Apple crowds, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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NEW RELEASE: Apple Officially Announces the New iPad Specs

iPad 3 Release

Got New iPad?

Apple finally rolls out iPad 3; announcing a Friday, March 16th, 2012 Canadian release.

So far, here’s what we know:

– 9.7-inch “Retina Display” touchscreen; serving more pixels per screen real estate
– Available in both White and Black
– Will have a A5X quad-core processor
– 5MP iSight rear camera recording 1080p HD videos
– 10-hours of battery life
– 1.4-pounds and 9.4mm-thin

Pricing for WIFI:

– 16GB: $519
– 32GB: $619
– 64GB: $719


– 16GB: $649
– 32GB: $749
– 64GB: $849

But there’s more…Stay close for updates.

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Source: Apple

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New iPad Review: Confirming Simon Pierro, Tech Magician

iPad3-Magical-Features-by-Simon Pierro

These days, tech leaks and rumours and “secret mysterious videos” of unreleased apple products are dime a dozen.

However, there are a few that stand above the he-said-she-said fluff; like German tech magician, Simon Pierro.

Simon has already gained widespread notoriety for integrating his passion for technology with his talent for magic.

So, in the height of today’s iPad media clamour, Cellular Firm breaks down the one and only Simon Pierro and his mystical iPad review.

Here we go…

“Surprisingly, it’s a bit thicker and slightly heavier.”

Indeed, Apple has confirmed that the iPad 3 will be a little bit heavier than the iPad 2.

But look…

It’s interesting to note how Simon’s iPad 3 is missing the home button.

Only recently Apple officially announced that the iPad 3 will be controlled entirely through touchscreen.


‘oooltra-high resolution retina display’

English isn’t Simon’s first language; but hey, he gives credence to an early iPad 3 rumour leaked earlier on this year: Gorilla Glass.

He goes on to say that the new iPad 3 uses Corning Gorilla Glass; giving the tablet extra durability while also displaying visuals at 2048×1536 pixels.

“You can even share your photos with your parents…”

This is interesting, because we really haven’t heard this feature in the rumour mill.

However, this new mysterious file sharing software Simon speaks of is akin to the latest TAT software BlackBerry PlayBook released at MWC 2012.

If Simon is right, iPad users will now have the ability to drag files onto other wireless devices; making file sharing that much more “advanced.”

But is this all part of Simon’s trickery?

Or the real deal…We’ll have to wait to confirm this one.

“Let’s have a closer look at Siri.”

Aside from its physical weight, Siri separates the iPad 3 from the iPad 2.

If you don’t believe us, hit play and let us know what you think on our Facebook fan page.

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LEAKED: iPad 3 Parts Put In Motion

iPad 3 Parts Leak Put In Motion on the web for all to see

With only two days left on the calendar, we see another iPad 3 parts leak surface from the blogosphere.

But is it real?

Sure looks like it. The mysterious video below only solidifies the widespread rumors already circulating for weeks.

The video exhibits a so-called iPad 3; flexing its “muscles and pouting its lips,” so to speak.

Notice the front glass element, dock connector cable, rear shell, tapered edges, larger camera lens…It’s all there!

Let us know what you think below or on our Facebook fan page.

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iPad Rumour: Microsoft Office for iPad?

MS Office on your next iPad?! We’ll just have to see about that…

Is it a rumour? Well, The Daily’s Peter Ha says no. He claims that the Microsoft Office for iPad apps are in the works and could be released in the coming weeks.

Ha insists, despite Microsoft’s official Twitter statement that denies any Microsoft employee has tested any Microsoft Office working version.

This definitely is a he-said-she-said brannigan, but argues that it make sense for iPad to have Office on it.

Mac already has an Office-like product called OneNote, SkyDrive for cloud storage, and Lync.

If this is true, the unveiling could coincide with the iPad 3 reveal, marking it as a momentous occasion, where it would be the first time in 15 years these two tech giants teamed up.  

Definitely one for the history books!

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Be Entertained: iPads in Taxis!

Imagine an iPad as your backseat screen entertainment

50 taxi cabs in NYC will soon be swirling around town with swanky iPad screens. If the pilot program succeeds, this could be the norm real soon. Square, an American mobile payment company came up with the fantastic idea of giving riders a multi-media experience, enabling endless entertainment possibilities. A game perhaps during the traffic grind, why not!?

Not only are you entertained with the latest gadgetry, the flexibility of the iPad will give you the convenience to pay on-the-go via credit card.

Twitter exec Jack Dorsey also heavily involved with Square was credited in making the original pitch. Having him on board can do extreme wonders for making this project a wide-spread reality.

Great ideas are highly addictive, will Canadian counterpart to Square; Vancouver-based Payfirma be so bold? We hope so!!

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Here’s what Mainstream News Found in Foxconn, Apple’s Go-To Manufacturer

What did the head media honchos find in Apple’s manufacturing tree?

Between the Reuters, Bloomberg, ABC Nightline, and AppleInsider reports, here’s exactly what they found:

Reuters reports the plant floor was “spotless.” ABC adds Foxconn did not find any dire violations. While on the other hand, Bloomberg states there were a “ton of issues”, and a more detailed AppleInsider (AI) report goes on to accuse Foxconn of hiding underage workers.

According to a recent interview with the Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) project officer Debby Sze Wan Chan, stated, “the illegal workers were not assigned overtime or were sent to different departments, and workers were given 3 breaks instead of the accustomed one to prepare for the inspection.”

But by no means should this be a surprise. North American companies have gained notoriety of outsourcing labour to China. SACOM’s Foxconn employee sources have stated that they feel Apple does not care, as in-house Apple reps know of the harsh conditions and do nothing.

SACOM has tried to relay their findings to Apple, traveling to Apple headquarters to Cupertino, California; but, was immediately turned away by the front desk.

SACOM is not the only force trying to reform Apple but Mike Daisy as well. He leaves, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” under an open license, which means anyone can access it and perform it without any cost.

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Alleged iPad 3 Front Glass Element Revealed

A Sneak Peek at the alleged iPad 3 Front Panel

Up to now, there has been plenty to buzz about with sneak peeks here and there of the iPad 3 circulating the web. But now another spin, a Chinese mirco-blogging site claims to have photos of the never-seen-before front glass and digitizer assembly of the still slightly mysterious iPad 3.

At first glance the panel seems to be identical, but upon a closer inspection you can see the relatively long ribbon cable extending up the side of the display instead of a shorter cable that has a sideways make up as seen with the iPad 2. Other reported features of the display include the same round home button, and a hole in the top metal band to accompany the camera and ambient light sensor.

Based on others posts by the same Chinese micro-blogger, it claims that the A5X system-on-a-chip as seen in leaked photographs has a dual-core processor and Siri supporting structure for iPad 3.

Several other claims state the iPad 3 will launch with an iOS 5.1 on board and a rear camera capable of recording 1080p video. Now that would be a show stopper if that holds true. Again all of this is speculation and the validity of all these claims still unknown. Although it does leave us with a lot of anticipation we realize that the best things in life just take time. Expect an early March announcement for the iPad 3 folks.

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Apple’s iFactories are Foxconn’s…literally!

Apple received a lot of negative backlash last year, after their iPad and iPhone manufacturer Foxconn was caught working some of their employees straight to suicide.

Foxconn is Apple’s top iPhone and iPad producer in Chengdu, China and is one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners.

This story’s blogosophere hoopla now has reached new heights; climbing straight to ABC “fame and fortune,” so speak.

Correspondent Bill Weir is expected to unleash his new investigative piece: full behind the scenes access, indeed!

His footage caught a glimpse of the working conditions and operation lines.

Bottom line: Foxconn employees work 10 hours a day at $1.50 an hour.

Look for the ABC piece on TV called, “iFactories: Inside Apple” airs Tuesday at 11:35pm EST on ABC.

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8 Megapixel douzy featured in iPad 3 Camera

The iPad 3 rumours are true…

The much anticipated iPad 3 will officially have an 8-megapixel resolution Sony camera, similar to its wireless cousin the iPhone 4S, with possible updated optics carrying over. When you compare the two together, you can see that the iPad 3 consists of larger tapering and a slightly bigger optical lens.

With all the rumored reports late last year regarding the specs there is now a clearer picture of how the iPad 3 will look like; leaving its fans and would-be buyers eager to get their hands on it.

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