All About The Upcoming BlackBerry Q10

It does not matter if you are currently a BlackBerry user or not, you are probably still anxious to see the Q10. It will have features that will feel familiar to faithful users, yet it will also boast other features that will entice the typical smartphone user to go ahead and give the brand a try. The BlackBerry Q10 will finally merge hands-on technology with a keyboard. Yes, you very well may get your dream of having the best of both worlds in this one very special phone!


The biggest draw to the Q10 will be that it is a hybrid touch/physical QWERTY phone. Most faithful BlackBerry users remain so loyal simply because of the keyboard, but many other consumers have longed to try the line, if only it offered features similar to other favorite smartphone. Now everyone can be happy.

Q10 boasts a 3.1-inch display with 328 ppi. The screen is brighter and easily viewable from different angles. So, while it does have a smaller screen than what most people would like to see in a BlackBerry, it also has the familiar keyboard that makes life easy, and very accurate.

The phone does not feel heavy in your hand, but it does have a nice solid feel, which is probably due to the glass-weave back plate and steel band wrapped around the middle. It is a little thicker than Z10 though, measuring in at 10.3mm. This means that if you are used to a super lightweight smartphone, this one will definitely feel weighted, and may take a little getting used to.

Q10 boasts a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, and a respectable 2GB of RAM. So, this is certainly enough to offer quick response to input. It will also have internal memory in the amount of 16GM, which is more than what most people need to store music, audio books, pictures, etc.

Although the keyboard will feel familiar, it will also feel more modern. It has those nice sculptured edges and frets you may be familiar with that the BlackBerry Bold has. Instead of being curved, the key layout is straight, and easy to find your way around.


If you had problems keeping your BlackBerry charged in the past, you may want to consider giving the brand another try with the Q10. When BlackBerry put a 1,800 mAh power unit in Z10, this was already a significant improvement. Now they have gone and given Q10 a 2,100 mAh battery. So, this is sure to make a lot of people happy.


BlackBerry has never been known to have the best camera on the market, but they do get the job done. If it wasn’t for phones like Galaxy S3, with 8-megapixel cameras, then maybe competition wouldn’t be stiff in this department. Still, the BlackBerry Q10 does alright for itself. It locks on objects and snaps pictures nearly instantly. It does not look like there will be ISO, HDR or other alternate-shooting modes available, but the TimeShift features is a nice touch.

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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4

There is a lot of speculation about what  to expect from the Galaxy S4, but so far Samsung has done a remarkable job of keeping the details pretty hushed. Considering how popular and successful the S3 has been, it is no surprise that people are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see it unveiled. After all, rumor implies that there will be some pretty futuristic features that you won’t find elsewhere.


One might find it hard to believe that Samsung can make a phone any thinner or lighter, but they have managed to do just that. The display that Galaxy S3 boasts is already huge at 4.8 inches, but it is suggested that S4 is going to top that, measuring in at 5 inches. It will have full HD resolution of 440 pixels. Considering S3 was 306 pixels, this is a huge change. Not to mention, this is a full inch larger than iPhone.

It is also assumed that S4 will have a faster processor than S3. Users should enjoy a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. This means that it will be more effective and faster than S3, as if there was really any improvement that was needed at all!

As for the camera, there is some speculation that S4 will boast 13 megapixels! S3 already has 8 megapixels and takes gorgeous pictures, so such an increase would be a little baffling. While the upgrade is not necessarily needed, Samsung tends to always improve their camera is some way, so it will be exciting to see if they did increase the megapixels again.

Rumored Features

There have been rumors going around about a few features that S4 will have. These are features that really surpass what most would expect or hope for in a phone. If the phone has all of these, it is safe to say it will set a new bar in technology standards.

  • Touchless Features – You may be able to answer your phone by simply holding it up to your ear. This will likely get mixed reviews. While some may appreciate this feature, others will probably see it as a nuisance. Hopefully, if this feature is present, there will be a way to shut it off.
  • Near Field Communications – Samsung and Visa® have an agreement that will allow you to make payments with your virtual wallet through Near Field Communications. You will simply need to load your credit card information, and then you will have access to the PayWave system that simply requires you to tap your phone to pay.
  • Wireless Charging – Having the ability to wirelessly charge your phone using Qi Standard could be the solution for busy folks who tend to run out of juice on their phone before they have time to recharge. It is suggested that users may need to purchase a replacement back cover to have access to a charging pad.
  • Eye tracking Technology – Here is the big feature that everyone is dying to see. The phone may have the ability to track the user’s eye movement to determine where to scroll. When the eyes reach the bottom of the page, the software will know to scroll down to reveal the next paragraph. Eye tracking systems have actually been in development for quite a while, so it will be exciting to actually see a phone with it in production.
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All About BlackBerry Z10 – Cases & Accessories for Blackberry

Has BlackBerry finally joined modern times with the Z10? One of the biggest complaints people have had with their product line in recent years is concerning their styling. Consumers have wanted and demanded the performance of BlackBerry combined with the exterior appearance and display of a smartphone. Will BlackBerry Z10 deliver?


BlackBerry Z10 offers a refined exterior with curved corners and a solid band of plastic (feels like metal) that encircles the perimeter of the phone. It is a bit larger than iPhone, boasts a 4.2-inch display, but there is no home button on the front.

The phone is not heavy, but it feels solid in your hand. The back is made of a soft touch, dimpled material and opens to reveal the battery, microchip and SIM. As far as display goes, you may instantly compare it to Windows phones from HTC and Nokia, but when you explore closer, you find it is so much more.

Performance and Battery Life

There should be no complaints when it comes to performance; BlackBerry Z10 is impressively responsive. It has no problem zipping in and out of messages, and from one application to another.

As for battery life, it likely won’t blow you away, but it does fall in line with other LTE devices. The average user may very well be able to get through a day without recharging, but a busy professional will definitely need to plug-in midday.


The interface of BlackBerry Z10 is brilliant, but will demand a tutorial to use it to its full potential. Gestures are used to move through software selections. There are essentially four “states” in the Z10 “country.” These include homescreen, BlackBerry Hub (messaging), in an application and in your app drawer.

The homescreen is unique, and displays a colorful grid of apps you are currently running. It will hold up to eight, and they can double as widgets. In a nutshell, the interface combines a lot of iOS and android features in one, so you essentially get the best of both worlds.


  • Keyboard – The one element that BlackBerry absolutely had to get right was the touchscreen keyboard, especially after their disaster with the Storm. Fortunately, they did a stellar job on this keyboard and the word-predict feature is hauntingly accurate.
  • Browser – Z10’s browser is fantastic, loading even heavy sites with ease. It also has Flash functionality build right in.
  • Messaging – BlackBerry Hub offers respectable email capabilities. It integrates a variety of services, but can get a little overwhelming using the Twitter feature at times, if you have a lot of mentions.

BlackBerry 10 Cases

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iPhone 4/4S Case Giveaway: Rokform iPhone 4/4S Custom Cases


With the NHL playoffs in full-swing, Cellular Firm, Canada’s number one source for iPhone 4/4S custom cases, is pleased to announce a free Rokform iPhone 4/4S case giveaway.

How to win?

Stage one:
Find the picture above on our Facebook fan page and guess each custom case’s designated hockey team correctly.

Stage two:
Cellular Firm will announce the members who answered correctly at 5pm ET today.

Stage three:
The winning contestants will then have to create their own custom case. The winner will be judged on their creative colour combination and will be announced 12am April 25th.

Good luck!

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Cellular Firm Is the First eStore the World to Receive RealTree OtterBox Cases for iPhone 4/4S

OtterBox Defender Series Real Tree iPhone 4S Cases

That’s right my friends, fresh out of the box, Cellular Firm now is eStore in Canada to carry the, RealTree Defender Series iPhone 4/4S cases.

Heavy-Duty and yours, you’ll now have the ability to take your precious iPhone 4/4S outdoorus with you as you get dirty and hunt in the wild.

The RealTree features:

  • Hi-impact polycarbonate
  • Built-in screen protectors
  • Impact absorbing silicone
  • Port and button covers
  • Belt clip holster/media stand

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    Android 4.0 and Beats Audio to be Coming to AT&T’s HTC Vivid

    More “beat breaking” news comes out from Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress (MWC): HTC has released an updated AT&T Vivid, featuring the highly-anticipated Beats Audio.

    AT&T promised Beats Audio was finally ready to hit retailers, now available with accessories within the upcoming weeks.

    For the rookies, Beats Audio is a mobile feature that guarantees distortion free sound, enhanced music management: better bass; essential for any music hardcore.

    The HTC Vivid will also see an updated OS with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, now available over-the-air to download — improved Sense experience is now yours.

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    Tech Fans Demand Waterproof Mobiles!

    Do you hear something, a faint cry over by that way?

    In the distance, across the pond in Barcelona — a rigorous chant for “waterproof phones?”

    Yes it’s true, people were up in arms for it ready for the waterproof movement.

    At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), there was a massive demand for waterproof mobiles, calling out all tech giants to step up their game.

    And who can blame them? Like the tech mob clustered overseas, I would also love to have the option of bathing in a tub filled with melted chocolate while zoning out and doing business on my mobile. Oh would this epic dream ever be a reality.

    Surely, like the tech mob at MWC, I too have mourned and grieved and pulled a few strands of hair over the death of a cell phone. Two, to be precise.

    All thanks to good ol’water damage: one in a toilet; one in a drink spill.

    Whether the culprit is rain, a beer spill, cereal bowl, sink, or laundry detergent — “it” happens, all the time.

    But “it” doesn’t always have to happen! Especially when research Perform Protect Improve (P2i), a company who has developed liquid-repellent nano-coatings, has given us a case for mobile manufacturers to cure our mobile-to-liquid aches and pains.

    As seen in the MWC consumer demand for standardizing liquid-repellent mobiles, P2i’s survey reveals 51 percent of consumers have spilled liquid on their mobile phone: 30% water spills, 13 percent coffee spills, and 8% tea spills.

    And there’s more!

    64 percent of users are known to take their phones out in the rain, 59 percent in the snow, 8 percent into the shower, and 3 percent into the sauna.

    Looks like I’m not as crazy as you thought — the majority rules: we want waterproof protection!

    What is your water-damage mobile story?

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    Q4 results: Nokia is the World’s Biggest Windows Phone Vendor

    image originally used by Strategy Analytics

    Break out the champagne!

    Nokia releases amazing Q4-results, winning the bragging rights as the world’s biggest window phone vendor. Of course, their partnership with Microsoft may be the sole reason the Finnish company has emerged as the world’s number one Windows Phone vendor in the world.

    According to research firm, Strategy Analytics, Nokia has shipped 900, 000 Windows Phones, Nokia overtook HTC and others, gobbling up 33 percent of the market pie.

    In comparison to iPhone with sales of 37-million in Q4, Windows numbers are smaller in scale but have risen at 2.7 million units, a 36 percent increase from Q3.

    However, Nokia has only begun to focus of the US market, as initially, the European and Asian countries were targeted.

    Strategy Analytics states that Nokia’s expansion of Windows 7 latest models like the Lumia 800 were the reason for the companies increased popularity.

    Nokia is expected to launch at least one Windows Phone at the Mobile World Congress next week. As Nokia’s partnership has turned one, Nokia needs to raise the bar to be at the level competitor for the iPhone.

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    The first-ever 3D editing smartphone: LG Optimus 3D Cube

    On top of the 3 new L-series smartphones, LG introduces the world’s first smartphone with 3D editing capabilities: the Optimus 3D Cube, the descendant of the Optimus 3D.

    Its design possesses a sleek silhouette, gaining bragging rights of being the thinnest and lightest of any 3D smartphone in the market.

    The specs? It’s 9.6mm thin about 2mm thinner than its predecessor. It also holds more memory; doubling to 16GB with a built-in NFC for easy payments. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread dual-core processor upgraded to 1.2 GHz.

    The 3D Cube’s two rear 5 megapixel cameras are used for the 3D feature while the front cam is for video calling.

    It is speculated that LG will update to an Ice Cream Sandwich, but nothing has been confirmed.

    Those who are lucky enough to be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week can see what the 3D Cube is all about.

    Let us know what you think below or on our Facebook fan page.

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