Urban Armor Gear UAG Composite Cases – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & iPad Mini


Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or your iPad Mini with these shock resistant cases by Urban Armor Gear (UAG)!

These cases are tight-fit and has a feather-lite composite construction. The outer armor shell plus the impact resistant soft core protects your device from bumps and scratches. Perfect openings for easy access to the ports and features of the device and Customizable vents to keep things unique and cool! Available in 2 colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & iPad Mini





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NHL® Coveroo® Slider Cases for iPhone 5

Support your favorite NHL team with the Coveroo® Licensed NHL Slider Case collection. Unfortunately, most phone cases today that actually look great provide very little protection, but that is not the case with these ones. Plus, they are available in both home and away jerseys, so you can protect your phone with a cover that represents the jersey you like the best.

Product Details

NHL Coveroo® Slider Cases have been designed using officially licensed artwork provided by the National Hockey League (NHL). It is compatible with your iPhone 5, and unlike many other cases, this one is easy to install, yet stays in place. It fits snuggly, wrapping around the edges of the phone, and since it is made from a soft touch material, it feels great in your hand. Quite often, phones are dropped because the case itself is so slippery; this is not a problem you will have with these soft touch cases.

These cases are constructed of a two-piece hard shell polycarbonate, which is incredibly durable. It provides the highest level of protection while still giving you access to the phone’s camera, features and ports. It offers a “lay on the table” design. What this means is that the entire bezel of the phone is protected when it is on a flat surface.

Jersey Design

Regardless if you choose an away or home jersey, the artwork used on the custom case is official. While many cases use a sticker or skin that can pull and crack, these cases have the design printed right on them using a HighColor process. The NHL logos and shield are trademarks of the National Hockey League.

Available Canadian NHL Cases


Toronto Maple Leafs – This team is one of the league’s “Original Six” members. They are worth $1 billion, and are considered one of the most valuable franchises of the NHL. The logo originated as a green realistic maple leaf, and has gone through a number of transformations over the years to end up as the 11-point leaf displayed on the jersey today. Home jersey is white; away is blue.



Edmonton Oilers – Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the Oilers are primarily known for being home to Wayne Gretsky for quite a long time. The original 1972 logo features the same blue and orange colors seen today, but it also went through many changes. The case is available as a while home jersey or midnight blue away one.




Vancouver Canucks – This Vancouver-based team joined the NHL in 1970. Their logo has gone through many changes from a simple hockey stick to an orca to “John’s Canuck.” Their away jersey is a striking blue with emerald green and white.





Calgary Flames – Founded in 1972, the Calgary Flames have a “Flaming C” design on this slide case. It is the logo introduced when the team moved to Calgary in 1980. The away jersey is a bold red color.






Montreal Canadians – These Coveroo® cases are extremely popular. After all, this team is North America’s oldest sports franchises. In fact, the team existed before the NHL was formed. The Canadians have one of the most recognized logos of any sports team, and the colors have remained consistent as red, white and blue.




Winnipeg Jets – The logo you see on the Coveroo® Licensed Cases was actually designed by Reebok for this newer team. Interestingly, the team had to receive permission from the Toronto Maple Leafs to incorporate that red leaf behind the jet in their logo.





Ottawa Senators – Although only founded in 1990, the Senators have enjoyed a surprising amount of success in their division. The team colors are red, white, black and just a touch of gold, so any phone wearing one of these jersey cases is sure to attract plenty of attention.

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NHL® Coveroo® Licensed Thinshield Cases for iPod, iPad Mini and iPhone 5

If you are like most other people, you have at least one Apple gadget that is pretty much glued to your fingers at all times. You may even have an iPod, iPad and iPhone! These are things that really need to be protected, and although most people do buy a case for their iPhone, the other items are generally neglected. Some people do not even know that there are cases available for iPod Mini and iPod Touch 4th Gen, but there are!

If you are a hockey fan, then you already know that it is hard to find a NHL case for your iPhone 5, so you probably assume finding one for your other Apple gadgets is a lost cause. Well, thanks to NHL Coveroo® Licensed products, now you can show off your team spirit wherever you happen to be by dressing up your handheld device with one of these fantastic cases. You can even get them for all your Apple products so everything matches too. That is real team spirit!

 iPhone 5 Thinshield

It does not matter if you are on the phone waiting in line at your favorite morning coffee joint, or if you are in the bar and have your phone sitting out on the table, you can let the world know your favorite team, without saying a word.

These officially licensed products are available with all the NHL team logos and they look just like the jerseys that the players wear. This Thinshield case snaps on with easy installation, but stays in place. It boasts a one-piece polycarbonate construction, so it wraps around all of the corners of your phone to provide optimal protection. When it is in place properly, the case still allows you access to the camera, ports and functions of the phone.

iPad Mini

The Coveroo® Licensed NHL Thinshield Cases that are designed for iPad Mini also offer easy installation and a perfect fit. They snap on easily, and since they are made of a soft-touch material, they feel nice in your hands. The covers are crafted from polycarbonate, so they really do not affect weight or add bulk the way that some covers do.

Like the iPhone 5 case, this one also boasts artwork that is licensed from the National Hockey League. It grants access to all functions while in place, so you can snap pictures, sync and charge without the cover off.

 iPod Touch 4Th Generation

It is surprising how many people do not put a cover on their iPod. It does not matter which generation iPod you have, these gadgets need protecting, so you may as well do it in style and show off your team spirit while you are at it. Since the Coveroo® NHL Licensed Covers are made of polycarbonate they won’t add a lot of bulk, so your iPod can still nicely fit in your pocket. Plus, the soft-touch material will offer a little extra traction, just in case your hands are sweaty from your run or bike ride!

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Seidio OBEX™ Cases for iPhone 5

The absolute last thing you want to do is leave your iPhone 5 vulnerable to damage. It doesn’t matter if you waited in a long line for it, or if you had to save your pennies for a year as you patiently waited its arrival, chances are good you would be just a tad bit upset if it became damaged. As you probably already know, there are a lot of pretty cool cases available for the iPhone 5, but many simply look good without providing much protection. If you want one that is both attractive and protective, you want to check out the fantastic selection of Seidio OBEX™ cases that are available.


Seidio OBEX™ cases for iPhone 5 have been through some seriously rigorous testing, but that does not mean you can’t test it for yourself. Go ahead and put paper or fabric inside and submerge it in water to make sure it really does seal up properly before jumping in the lake with your iPhone 5 in your pocket.

Seidio’s OBEX™ has been tweaked and fine-tuned to protect your phone against drops, bumps, sand, dust, water, snow and mud. So, no matter where you are, you should be able to have your phone with you. It even comes with a clip, which allows you to fasten it to your belt, purse or messenger bag.

The Seidio OBEX™ has been created so it does not interfere with using your phone in any way. USB ports can still be accessed in dry conditions and a rubber silicone stopper keeps outside elements like dust and liquid from reaching the phone. The case does not interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or radio signals at all. It barely adds any bulk to the phone and it only weighs 1.40oz.

(Click here to view product)

Protect Against Drops

The Seidio OBEX™ iPhone 5 case passes the MIL-STD-810G test. This means that it can be dropped from 4 feet in the air at different angles and protect the phone inside. It is crafted from a combination of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC), so it is protected on both the inside and outside. Plus thanks to the thoughtful combination of a screen protector that has a 4H hardness rating and the raised edges, a barrier is created to block out external elements.

(Click here to view product)


A lot of cases on the market claim to be waterproof, but consumers find out far too often that they are anything but. The smallest leak can ruin a phone. This is not a concern you have with the Seidio OBEX™. The case does better than meet the IP68 rating, which means that it seals tight enough to completely protect against liquid, even when submerged. This also ensures that no dust is getting in either.

A two-stage protection system provides a strong protective barrier at critical entry points. Don’t assume sound quality would be compromised though because it’s not. both the microphone and speakers are shielded by waterproof membranes. Picture quality is not affected either as the camera lens is protected by anti-reflective glass.

If you are looking to protect your investment, there is no doubt that the Seidio OBEX™ will do a phenomenal job. It has exceeded rigorous tests, the styling is appropriate for anyone and any environment and it is lightweight; what more could you ask for?



Sedio Obex Cases

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Break Away from Ordinary with a Rokform iPhone Case

Break Away from Ordinary with a Rokform Case


Just because you have the same iPhone as everyone else you know, does not mean that you have to blend in with all of them. Choosing a Rokform case will allow you to break away from the cookie-cutter mold and become a trendsetter, finally. Be warned though, you can expect people in the café, elevator and gym to inquire about it. It only takes one glance to want to wrap your iPhone 5 in this protective case. It is essentially like putting cufflinks on a tuxedo or finishing off a black cocktail dress with a chocolate diamond pendant.


Ultimate Protection


You don’t buy the Rokform case just because you want to impress others though; this is just an added bonus. The real reason why everyone is anxiously awaiting its release is because it provides exceptional protection while not losing any of its functionality.


Available in six dynamic colors, this case is actually two cases in one, which allows it to protect your phone from every angle. Let’s face it; you have to practically take out a second mortgage to buy one of these phones. Shouldn’t it be fully cloaked in protection? This does not mean just the front and back though. One of these cases will cradle your phone on all six sides, and that is why they are so desirable.


Crafted with a high-impact polycarbonate frame and given a rubber outer bumper, this case also integrates a screen protector as well as anti-slip grip. If your phone has ever slipped through your hands into the sink or a puddle at your feet, you will appreciate this feature.


Also included is a Remote Mounting System that mounts nearly anywhere and Magnetic Mounting lets you stick it to just about any magnet surface like a filing cabinet or your refrigerator.




As mentioned, this case is special. While it is an accessory itself, it also has its own collection of accessories that you can buy for customization. A few popular picks include:


  • Golf Shooter – Want to analyze your swing, and see why you have such a wicked slice? The golf shooter accessory will let you do just that.


  • Bike Mount – Sure, iPhone offers a lot of great opportunities to track your distance, speed, GPS, etc., but holding onto, or wearing the phone is a drag. This accessory makes it easy to mount to your bike so you get the most out of your rides.


  • Tripod Adapter – Have you ever been hiking and stumbled upon a view so amazing that you wished you had your camera gear? Well, iPhone 5 takes amazing pictures and now you can use it just like your professional camera by attaching it to your portable tripod you luckily stuck in your backpack.


  • RokMeister – It does not matter if you are at the beach, on the boat fishing or tailgating at the big game, having a can opener handy is a must! This accessory for your Rokform case lets you turn your phone into an opener. Now you are always prepared!


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Cellular Firm Unleashes OtterBox Collection at CNE 2012

Protection: A thing that prevents something from suffering harm or injury.

That’s the definition you’ll find if you look up the noun “protection” in the dictionary.

Of course if there was a picture next to the word, it would likely be of an Otter Box case.  Born out of a business that once created custom injection molds for the diving industry, Otter Box is hands down the best way to protect your handheld device.

But we know that seeing is believing which is why we invite you to the Canadian National Exhibition (TheEx), Toronto, Ontario’s largest annual fair. As your exclusive source for cell phone and wireless accessories, we will be on hand with dozens of OtterBox  products that are designed to protect AND impress.

So between checking out the unbelievable air show and and aerial acrobatics, and when traversing from The Farm to The Casino, come say ‘hi’ to the gang and get an up close look at some awesome OtterBox products…


The OtterBox Defender Series is essential smartphone protection. Utilizing high-impact polycarbonate and durable silicone to protect your gadgetry against drops and bumps, this is your first line of defense to ensure that your smartphone and/or tablet is going to stand the test of time.


Looking for a little less bulge in your pockets? Slide your phone into an OtterBox commuter case and let the smooth finish glide seamlessly in and out of your pants.  A self-adhesive screen protector and impact-absorbing silicone will keep your phone safe for years to come.


Like an airbag for your handheld, OtterBox’s Reflex line of gear surrounds your device with a cushion of air, allowing it to recoil, fending off even the harshest spills and falls.

Now time for a riddle: What’s drop proof, dust proof, crush proof AND waterproof?  If you answered gold you might be right, but we were thinking about the Armor series being released for the iPhone 4/4S.  Still under top-secret development, these revolutionary cases will offer unparalleled protecting, without sacrificing usability. Learn more when you stop by to say hello.

While we believe the OtterBox offerings are more than enough to get you stoked to come out to TheEx, perhaps one of these event highlights can persuade you off of your keister:

+ Concerts include, Mr. American Pie, Don McLean, Herman’s Hermits, Canadian rockers The Tea Party, crossover act 3OH!3, and a bunch of others.

+ Travel the globe without ever leaving Canada!  Among the offerings are the dancing talents and funky costumes of the Yate Dance & Acrobatic Team from Shenzhen, China, The Culture Kids from Trinidad & Tobago, Samba Brasil, Grupo Chile, Habeeba Hobeika Egyptian Dance Ensemble, and more!

+ The Wine Garden, a handful of exciting parades, and dozens of competitions round out what is going to be another can’t-miss event.

So come on down and let’s talk the latest in mobile!  By the way!  Be the 100,000th person to “Like” OtterBox and Facebook and you could win an OtterBox case a year – for life.  Details here.

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New iPhone 4s Cases: Lucky Brand iPhone 4s Cases

The Feather

Cool iPhone 4s Cases - Lucky Hard Case for iPhone 4 4S - Feather - Hippy Flavour

French Pattern
Cool iPhone 4s Cases - Lucky Soft Skin Case for iPhone 4 4S - French Pattern

Peace Hand

Cool iPhone 4s Cases - Lucky Hard Case for iPhone 4 4S - Peace Hand

Block Print

Cool - iPhone 4s Cases - Lucky Hard Case for iPhone 4 4S - Block Print


Cool iPhone 4s Cases - Lucky Soft Skin Case for iPhone 4 4S - Lace


Cool iPhone 4s Cases Lucky Hard Case for iPhone 4 4S - Triumph Black Cases

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Top 3 Waterproof Cases for Your iPhone 4/4s

iphone under water - waterproof case

Ever wonder what it’s be like to submerge your beloved iPhone 4/4s under water with you as you dive underwater and explore the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica?


We have.

With 71 per cent of the world covered in water, it only makes sense for wireless accessory experts like us to come up with gems; to you protect you and your gadgets in any situation.

And of course, forecasted weather is never for certain; however, what you and I both know and believe to be a true is that weather is unpredictable.

So, what can cell phone users, tech lovers, and gadget gods (with a small g) do when our smartphones are left out in the cold, rain, sleet, or snow?

Below, we have assembled a top three iPhone 4/4s Waterproof Case list for you to consider and use to help you protect your iPhone from Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather-y behaviour.

AquaBox Universal Water Proof Cases

Cool iPhone 4s Cases - Aqua Box Universal Water Proof Cases - Pink iPhone 4s Case

If you’re lounging poolside or soaking up the sun rays in shallow water on the beach of Sydney or simply in your hot tub with a pile of beautiful people in Toronto — rock this baby — the Aqua Box will certainly wash away any watery worry, and provide you with a fully functional iPhone 4/4s under water.

Aqua Box in reputation, you’ll see Aqua Box everywhere; from local outdoor football games, pool side at my daughters water polo tournament, or even in Brazil slightly under the shore sand near the washing tides.

Aqua Box will allow you to coast up and down under water and shoot high-quality photos or videos.

With one purchase, Aqua Box includes a floating lanyard which allows you to keep your iPhone 4/4s close and tied around your wrist — great to have when doing laps around the pool while waiting for that important call.

Aqua Box also includes an adjustable and removable lanyard for your neck along with a trusty instruction guide.

And remember, you have 6 meters deep to play with.

LifeProof Waterproof iPhone 4/4s Case

Cool iphone 4s cases - lifeproof - underwater iphone 4s

Life Proof serves you and your photography/videography needs to 100% satisfaction.

Sleek in design, shielding your iPhone 4/4s from water, dust, and clumsy drops; Life Proof’s armour is a mere 1.5mm shield guard: military approved; surviving everyday drops from all angles.

Available in stark black or white casing, Life Proof gives you an additional user headphone adapter and head phone jack cover feature.

What does that mean?

You’ll be able to listen to your favourite songs, or audio books as you do your morning laps in your pool.

However, unlike the Aqua Box waterproof case, Life Proof’s case can only survive 2 meters or 6.6ft depth.

The iPhone 4/4s users who are likely to go with the Life Proof are the runners. Life Proof offers amazing smartphone media accessibility (including its touchscreen) as they step out the door and enter mother nature’s unpredictable climate.

Physically, the Life Proof iPhone 4/4s Water Proof case is 2.6″ (Width) x 5.08″ (L) x 0.42″ (D) innner.

The Joy Factory StormCruiser Multi-Terrain Weather-Resistant Mount/Case for iPhone 4/4s

Cool iphone 4s case - waterproof the joy factory

Hey, it’s a jungle out there!

When you bob-and-weave in-and-out of traffic; trying to get to point B from point A but can’t because “Ronnie Rebel Driver” doesn’t know how to turn his signal on properly and your boss calls — probably wondering where the h-e-double-hockey-sticks you are, because well; he needs his coffee — what are you going to do?

Ignore the phone call?

No, because you’ll just make your Jonah Jameson boss wait longer, piss him/her off even more, all because you don’t have access to your iPhone 4/4s, as you fight off Mustangs and Mini’s and Taxi’s oh my!

I thought so.

With The Joy Factory waterproof iPhone 4/4s bike mount, you’ll never have to worry about those troubles. It’ll handle the roughest terrain and baddest traffic jungle.

But, The Joy Factory waterproof iPhone 4/4s bike mount does more than just lounge on your handle bars. It’ll attach itself onto any thing with a 1 1/8″ inches diameter or less.

And like Life Proof’s under water iPhone 4/4s case, your iPhone 4/4s touchscreen will be fully functional.

The specs? The mount is 6.1″ x 3″ x 3″; weights in at light .41 lbs; attaching to cylinders up to 1 1/8″-inches in diameter.

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5 Must-Have iPhone 4/4s Accessories for Summer

Waterproof iPhone 4s Cases

It’s the new oxygen. The new water. The “must-have” item to have before we flat-line. It’s the wireless extremity which connects you to the rest of the world: the smartphone; the tablet; the connection – this is today’s world.

And yes! The statistics are true. In the last decade, cell phone subscriptions have jumped from 12.8-million cell phone subscriptions to over 6.4-billion cell phone subscriptions; and still climbing.

…People want information, and want information now…

And smartphones aren’t cheap either; yet, billions of cell phone users today continue to invest in their smartphones or tablets without investing in high-quality protection.

So with summer around the corner, Cellular Firm has decided to showcase the top smartphone and tablet summer accessories for everybody to consider.

Here we go!

Waterproof Cases
Life proof - waterproof - iphone 4s cases - under water in fish tank

Ahhh yes….The growing trend in the wireless accessory market today: smartphone and tablet waterproof cases.

With more businesses beginning to invest and integrate more tablets/smartphones into their business model, waterproof cases don’t have to do much to leave the digital shelves, if you catch my drift.

Scuba divers now can take high-quality photos under water, waiters/waitresses don’t have to worry about spilling anything onto expensive tablets, and you — the reader reading this right now — can simply lay under the sun in the pool and watch your favourite videos.

Bike Mounts

When you’re burning rubber — weaving in and out in downtown traffic — you’ll want to access to your phone without having to compromise control.

When you use a smartphone bike mount, you’ll be able to take calls, change music tracks, and use GPS with zero fuss.

Arm Straps
Lifeproof iphone 4s strap
Riddle me this: How much can a wood chuck wood if a wood chuck could chuck on a iPhone 4/4s arm strap? Smartphone arm straps provide adjustable straps for any sized arm, guaranteeing users both style and functionality with one punch.

Smartphone Arm Straps are widely popular with outdoorsman, athletes, and every day busy workers who simply want to be hands-free while taking calls.

Car Mounts/Holders
iPhone 4S Car Mount - Black - Car Mount - Just Mobile

Stick your tablet or smartphone onto your windshield or dashboard as you drive. With smart-technology also being integrated with the Auto Industry, tablet/smartphone car mounts and holders give all of your handsets and tablets max functionality.

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What do you do when you drop your iPhone 4/4s under water?

iPhone 4s Dropped Under Water - Waterproof cases 2

Don’t pinch yourself, or say Uncle or dig a hole and do “The ostrich”…You my friend are not giving up; this is actually happening: your iPhone 4/4s is wet and drowning!

So what does one do after tomahawk-dunking an iPhone into a dirty cesspool of contamination — or whatever you want to call a hot tub full of strangers watching NHL playoff hockey — give up?

I don’t think so mon ami! 

Not with this quick remedy, proven to work for me; but, will it work for you?

1) Find and remove your iPhone 4/4s from out of water as soon as possible.
2) Turn off your iPhone
3) If your iPhone starts pin wheeling, or showing you that fibonacci-ish swirl, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time until it turns off
4) Swiftly remove your SIM card
5) Put your iPhone in a Ziploc bag of uncooked rice. Dry rice will absorb the moisture
6) Let it sit for 2-3 days and turn it back on

Of course, there are no 100% guarantees to this cure to a water damaged iPhone 4/4s. Another solution people look to is looking to into waterproof cases.

Good luck!

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